From a bedroom project to serving over 50,000 stations worldwide, we're quite proud of our starting story.


It's been a fairly eventful decade, so let's go through every step of our formation!

August 2013

We opened our doors...

After months of research, development and preparation - consisting of many sleepless nights, we finally opened our doors and began serving the first few clients. Operating under the name 'SHOUTca.st' - we invested a lot into offering outstanding streaming services with a high standard customer service.

This was something that was quite uncommon with stream hosts at that time, low-cost services were around, but not with the quality & passion that we delivered.

February 2014

We hit 100 clients...

After a steady start, we hit our first milestone of 100 active users and we were immensely proud. At this point, we began paving the way for a successful future. We thought long & hard about the services we could offer to our loyal customers in the future.

May 2015

We hit 1000 clients...

This was a big deal - we had 1000 active & streaming clients. We were so excited to be hosting such a vast array of people. At this point, we introduced mobile app development and the radio resource pod, offering broadcasters jingles, adverts and on-air game ideas.

September, 2018

Incorporation of Unmuted

As our business grew, we needed to make sure we chose a business structure which allowed us to both grow & support our clients in a cost effective and safe manner. We incorporated as a Limited company in the UK, meaning we were able to access vital funding and business support to help offer our services to more people around the globe.

We're extremely passionate about helping new users access radio broadcasting, so it was extremely important for us to take this step.

November, 2020

A slight shake-up...

After a difficult year for everybody around the globe, we needed to improve. We really needed to stretch ourselves and ensure our services were one-of-a-kind. We had a slight change around internally, some new friendly faces joined, and we got hard to work at creating our plans for the future.

In such a quickly growing industry, we needed to offer services that no other stream host could.

February 2021

We change our name...

After 8 wonderful years, we decided it was time for a fresh-lick of paint. We needed a new name, logo and website; something that accurately reflected our passion for innovating the future of streaming. We settled on Streamerr - the same team & driving force, but with a whole new appearance.

To be continued...



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