Powerful automation for your radio station...


LibreTime 100

Perfect for testing & getting started!


  • 100GB Music Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth ?
  • Fully Installed & Managed
LibreTime 250

Ideal for full scale automation.


  • 250GB Music Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth ?
  • Fully Installed & Managed
Airtime Screenshot

Why LibreTime?

LibreTime is one of the most popular open source radio automation systems. It is built by and for Internet radio stations who need professional and easy automation for their station. LibreTime is feature rich, and is built exclusively for the web.

LibreTime installs and manages your LibreTime server on our top-of-the-range server infrastructure. We also offer fantastic technical support and make sure your system is always up-to-date. You don't have to worry about jargon or difficulties when you're using LibreTime.

  • Compatible with Centova Cast
  • 100GB of Diskspace
  • Stream up to 3 Servers
  • Root Access for Advanced Users
  • Technical Support Included
Airtime media screenshot

Easy Media Management

LibreTime makes it simple to manage your media with ease. You can edit the metadata in a few clicks, create smart playlists and even edit the fade times on every song to make it sound perfect.

Manage your media library with ease thanks to LibreTime and it's fantastic range of management tools normally only found in professional broadcasting software. Makes changes on the move too - you can make changes to your music library wherever you are, without needing to be at your desk!

Intelligent Live Shows

With LibreTime you can simply schedule live broadcasts from your own DJs and even relay other streams for a guest show. All of this can be done with a simple drag and drop in the calendar.

This gives your radio station that fully live sound that is normally achieved from expensive desktop-based playout software. Impress your listeners & take your station to the next level!

Airtime calendar screenshot
Airtime calendar screenshot

Instant Show Editing

Accidentally picked the same song twice, or made a mistake? No problem! With LibreTime, you can change your playlists any time you want without interupting them - your listeners won't notice a thing!

Schedule & adjust your playlist without any noticable change in your programming. You can rely on LibreTime for that advanced radio station sound.